Eva Brzo Jewelry

4 500 

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Stříbrné náušnice twisted kruhy z nové kolekce LOVE 4EVER. Materiál: Ag 925/1000. Doba dodání při výrobě na objednávku jsou 3 týdny.

Ručně vyráběné šperky od mladé talentované šperkařky Evy Brzobohaté.

What makes us search for perfection rather than uniqueness? What does this perfection actually mean to us?

In the Love 4ever collection, each piece is specially made from the very beginning so each is different and unique. Maybe that can also mean perfect.

This shiny world full of funny creations, happy and beautiful, just the way they are, is a fitting reminder that not everything ought to be as serious as it seems.

Let us spread flowers, love, and happiness that last 4ever.

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